Brent Burgess, Matt Young, and Corbin Graves have long-tenured personal and professional relationships with each other. They launched Concentric on the foundation of the following shared values:


  • To be entrusted with others’ capital is a serious charge and a high calling.

  • Our success is measured by the financial returns delivered to our investors and the social and environmental impact of our portfolio companies.

  • Our people care for the resources and relationships entrusted to them; we value their effort in doing so.


  • We achieve better results when we work collaboratively.

  • Our success starts and ends with authentic relationships.

  • Doing good work with great people is a lot of fun.


  • We aspire to put the needs of others before our own; we seek to be givers, not takers.

  • We seek to learn from others and to accept feedback without being defensive.

  • We make mistakes; we admit it.